Business Management

Data Genesis™ provides you with 24/7 password protected access to everything you need to monitor and manage your merchant processing business.
The home screen provides a quick snapshot of the overall picture of card volume by net volume and number of transactions from last cycle, monthly and year-to-date totals. Each display is further broken down by card type.

Utilizing this powerful online tool is easy with the user friendly screens. Reconciling your bank account with your daily deposits and knowing what your monthly charges will be before you receive your paper statement just became easier. The ability to export reports decreases accounting efforts, saving time and money. Filtering options allow you to customize your reports by daily or monthly date ranges.

If you have more than one location we can set up a Headquarters Site Access which allows access to view all of the accounts that are chained together. The headquarters home screen combines all transaction information listed above for a complete corporate picture, as well as access to each individual merchant location.

Portfolio Manager Features

  • Daily Batch Details & Totals
  • Payment History
  • Individual Transaction Information
  • Chargebacks & Retrieval Information
  • Authorization Log
  • Voids, Rejects & Declines
  • Returns
  • Current & Previous Monthly Statements

Getting started is quick, easy and secure.  If you already have a merchant account with us, just call the Corporate Office at 855.295.8500 for your User Name and Password.  If you want to take advantage of this and the many other services we offer by becoming one of merchants please click here to contact us.