Equipment Leasing

The technology that powers electronic transaction processing is rapidly evolving. The newest equipment can process a transaction more efficiently than its predecessors, resulting in faster checkouts. Wireless and Bluetooth terminals open the door for more flexible and varied transaction processing possibilities. Updated terminal file-build options may qualify a transaction for a better Interchange rate, lowering your monthly fees.

Using out-of-date equipment could have an adverse effect on your bottom line profit. Many older terminals cannot be internally upgraded to comply with industry standards, putting the merchant and the customer at risk for data security breaches.

Purchasing new equipment can be expensive. Leasing equipment provides you with the benefits of the latest technology with an affordable monthly payment. Data Genesis™ offers competitive leasing options through third party vendors to assist merchants with this important aspect of their business planning.

Benefits of Leasing

  • Preserve Working Capital
  • No Upfront Expense
  • Fixed Monthly Payments
  • Tax Deductible (consult your tax advisor)
  • Amortize Investment (paying with future devalued dollars)
  • Separation of Equipment Cost and Processing Fees

Some processors offer “free equipment” which often means they are providing you with an older, less-advanced terminal. Sophisticated merchants understand that nothing is free. Processors must capture the cost of the “free” equipment somewhere. This is usually accomplished by charging higher processing rates or slowly increasing rates over time. Leasing allows you to compartmentalize expenses. You will always know the true monthly cost for the equipment and the processing fees. Leasing equipment helps you make business choices based on accurate information rather than misleading fees. You will always be given several leasing options at the end of the lease term.

End of Lease Options

  • Purchase (nominal fee)
  • Upgrade (latest technology)
  • Return (to leasing company)

For information on the various terminal and peripheral equipment available to your business, contact your local Independent Business Manager or our Corporate Office.